Birds, Bees, Flowers & Trees Pots // Seibert & Rice

Richard Hartlage brought together all of his passions in this series for The American Collection from Seibert and Rice. As a lover of joyful design, Hartlage incorporated the beautiful things that inspired him in the garden. Traditional lines give the containers strong, functional forms. The Birds, Bees, Flowers and Trees create a modern and playful motif. Cheerfully warbling barn swallows swoop around the Bird Pot, and a stately California quail perches on the wood grain patterned rim. Honeybees buzz around the Bee Pot grounded by honeycomb. Trilliums delicately encircle the Hanging Flower Pot. The Tree Pot is ringed by a chain of native dogwood flowers and white oak acorns line the base where a sweet songbird, the titmouse, rests.

- Seibert and Rice

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