Another Perfect Plant: Polystichum polyblepharum

Polystichum polyblepharum (Japanese Tassel Fern) is an evergreen fern native to Japan. Staying smaller than some of its counterparts, P. polyblepharum eventually grows to about 2’ wide with more spreading than upright habitat and can grow in dense shade, though prefers a dappled shade location.

Ferns of all shapes and sizes have long been popular garden plants and can add a different texture and leaf form to the garden. Ferns are not classified as flowering plants as they produce spores, rather than seeds, and require moisture to facilitate reproduction. The procedure is not complicated, but does require time and fairly sterile conditions in order for the first stage to grow properly. Advances in technology are making tissue culture fern propagation viable and practical. 

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Paul Cady

Paul is a landscape designer with a professional background in public horticulture. His years of experience maintaining both public and private gardens provide an informed perspective on choosing, arranging, and placing plants in the landscape. He is committed to creating landscapes that will survive and thrive over time through making informed plant choices and developing written landscape management plans.