Vertical Granite Cobble Curb


One of our favorite details is the "East Coast" granite curb detail. This design detail is commonly seen in Europe. The style bled over to the Northeastern United States and is a detail showcased in many private residences throughout this area. The materials and style enhance the aesthetic form of traditional architecture projects.

The traditional aesthetic of the granite cobble curb also offers a nice transition of materials -- the rough, tumbled, natural-look of the cobble granite complements the dark, rich soil and lush, vibrant plant material on the back side. Whether the adjacent surface is mortared stone, crushed rock or asphalt, it works well in terminating the surface. The light, mottled colors of the granite allow your eye to follow the lines through the site.


Constructing the Granite Cobble Curb: Approximately 50% of the cobble seen is anchored underground. Sometimes the detail has them nested/wet-set in concrete to ensure stability along a driveway. Then the asphalt (or crushed rock) is laid right up to the granite cobble. On the back side, grade is brought to within an inch or two from the top of the cobble. If the application is for purely pedestrian circulation, sand setting these granite cobbles would work just fine.

Derek ReevesComment