Another Perfect Plant: Sutherland Hebe

Hebe pinguifolia 'Sutherlandii', like most hebes, originally comes from New Zealand. Although hebes are generally not considered to be very cold hardy, 'Sutherlandii' is one of the most hardy, withstanding lows down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit. This short, rounded, well-kept shrub will grow to about 18" to 20" tall, forming half-spheres in the landscape. The compact and tidy nature of the shrub, combined with blue-green foliage and white flowers, makes it a valuable hedging or accent plant in the garden. If there is winter damage or the overall appearance is untidy, hebes can be removed to the ground and allowed to re-sprout from the roots.

Photo Credits:
David Leeman
Paul Cady

Paul Cady

Paul is a landscape designer with a professional background in public horticulture. His years of experience maintaining both public and private gardens provide an informed perspective on choosing, arranging, and placing plants in the landscape. He is committed to creating landscapes that will survive and thrive over time through making informed plant choices and developing written landscape management plans.