Another Perfect Plant: Microbiota decussata

Microbiota decussata_LM_CB_CUH.jpg

Microbiota decussata (Siberian cypress) is a low evergreen shrub with nodding, feathery sprays of foliage that turn a striking purple-bronze color during winter.

A graceful alternative to horizontal junipers, Microbiota tolerates partial shade but prefers some sun to maximize its winter color. For year-round interest, pair this plant’s tiny scale-like leaves with a broadleaf evergreen shrub such as mahonia or rhododendron, or use it as a backdrop for trees with low architectural branching such as sumac or stewartia. This plant’s prostrate habit takes on a beautiful fluidity when spilling down a slope or over a retaining wall.



The Arnold Arboretum

Missouri Botanical Garden

Colleen BrennanComment