Creating memorable and
inspirational landscapes


Land Morphology is a landscape architecture firm whose work includes private gardens and estates,
botanic and public gardens, civic and academic campuses, urban infill projects, urban design
and land use planning, and custom-designed art pieces.


Exquisite Detailing

The character of any great landscape is shaped by built elements that create and define the space. Our talented design team understands how to design and build stunning and appropriate garden features. Clear design documentation and attention to construction details, materials and methods are essential to building a project on budget and on time. We are facile with a broad range of materials, including stone, wood, concrete, metal, resins, polycarbonates, glass, and more.


Artful Design Features

Creating artful design solutions is a hallmark of our firm. Clients often commission us to create sculptural earthworks, art features, and dramatic lighting schemes. These features provide orientation and serve as destinations for larger properties and as strong focal points for smaller projects. Design is a collaborative process that engages the owner, our team members, and a variety of skilled craftsmen. The result is unique and compelling.


Sophisticated Horticulture

Richard's direct experience with some of the great gardens of the world, including plant collections in exotic, temperate climates, and even plant breeding, provides a depth of plant and horticultural knowledge that is exceedingly rare in a design firm. Constant trials in Richard's own garden inform a rich and sustainable selection of plants for our projects. Our designs provide seasonal change, long-term enjoyment, and ease of maintenance.


Sustainable Design

Land Morphology can advise on sustainable vegetation management strategies. Landscape design and site planning can improve the health of trees, manage tree canopy, maintain the health of soils, encourage organic maintenance practices, and incorporate recycled water and low water-use irrigation systems. We can identify opportunities, sustainability goals, measurement systems and metrics for a project and incorporate these three pillars of sustainability early in the process, as well as initiate the LEED accreditation process. We can consider other sustainable certifications such as Sustainable Sites and One Planet Living.


Sensitivity to Place

Regional and architectural styles are key components to making any place comfortable and timeless. We work in a wide variety of locales and our designs respond to the topography of the site, local flora, climate, and seasonal change. We take care to understand regional building processes and conventions. Thoughtful considerations of all these variables creates places that "fit" the local and regional context.


Garden & Landscape Stewardship

Many firms are finished with a project the day the construction crew drives off the site. With more than twenty years of experience in estate and public garden management, we are committed to helping our clients, over time, ensure that our gardens grow into exquisite landscapes. Gardens are cultural artifacts and living entities that work hand-in-hand with nature. Gardens require a sensitive, ongoing, and watchful eye to assure the design intent is retained over time. We work with clients to assure the highest quality of maintenance.