Plant Life: Growing a Garden in the Pacific Northwest

photography by Richard Hartlage, text by Valerie Easton

You won't find potted petunias or rigid rows of hot-pink impatiens in this gorgeous new book. Instead, Plant Life features 80 luscious photographs by Richard Hartlage of Valerie Easton's own garden. Drawn from her popular column of the same name in the Seattle Times Pacific Northwest magazine, Plant Life invites the world into Easton's garden, offering readers a personal perspective from a master gardener. Organized around the twelve months, Plant Life covers a wide array of topics including climbing plants, leaves that aren't green, containers, garden paths, pests, and much more. Each chapter contains several essays -- some instructive, others philosophical -- relevant to the time of year, and features a "Now in Bloom" section focusing on plants at their prime and illustrated with full-color photographs.

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 Book of photography by Richard Hartlage, text by Valerie Easton