Land Morphology
Los Angeles Tour

homework Assignment

Additional non-scheduled sites to check out include Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica Pier, Original Muscle Beach, Santa Monica State Park, The beach! And Ocean Front Walk. 


Los Angeles Questions

Take lots of pictures to illustrate your responses.  You may submit in Word or InDesign. Do not format; we’ll make a booklet again documenting our trip.

 1.      Thinking about the public spaces you saw on this trip, please describe your favorite public space.  Why was it your favorite?  How will it inspire your work? 

 2.       Which site was your least favorite?  Why?

 3.       What was the best detail and use of material you observed?

 4.       Share examples of instances that particularly impressed you as examples where the landscape worked in concert with a building’s architecture.  Photos and a few sentences.

 5.       What was your favorite sustainable design feature?