Seattle Opera Floral Sculptures // Seattle, WA

In 2014, Land Morphology had the honor of designing floral art installations for the Seattle Opera's Speight Celebration Concert and Dinner in tribute to Speight Jenkin's remarkable 31-year tenure and the 50th anniversary of the company. Land Morphology created twelve floral chandeliers, comprised of hundreds of live and dried flowers, and over 1,200 feet of sisal strand rope encased in preserved white oak leaves. The chandeliers showcased 300 hydrangeas, 150 globe thistles, 325 chrysanthemums, 120 dried agave leaves, and 350 calla lilies, while the sisal strand rope was composed of over 15,000 preserved oak leaves and 10,000 skeleton magnolia leaves.

Once again, in 2016, Land Morphology created sculptural floral installations for the Seattle Opera's Annual Gala, Many Voices, One Song. Our theme for the year's arrangements, the Enchanted Forest, used madrone branches strewn with flowers. The final sculpture was wonderfully whimsical, reminding us of Alice in Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts. These floral trees helped create the magic of the evening, and Land Morphology was exceedingly proud to support another important Seattle Opera event. The branches of the floral trees supported wire-hung glass vessels, which were filled with orchids in green and sunset yellow, and roses in scarlet, amber, and cadmium. The floral tree sculptures were accented with sprays of cymbidiums, oncidiums, and roses that spilled from the canopy and sprang up around the base.