Another Perfect Plant: Golden Tears Vine

This perennial twining vine is quite lovely woven into shrubs and up small trees. It attaches itself by tendrils and can reach heights of up to 10′-0″ to 12′-0″. Golden Tears come up in the spring and does not begin to bloom until late June or early July, and continues to bloom with its pale yellow bleeding heart-like flowers through October. The flowers dangle in bundles that are charmingly heart-shaped. The foliage is delicate with deeply lobed leaves divided into leaflets and mid-green in color.

Although this vine needs plenty of sun to bloom, it also needs some morning or afternoon shade. Growing this delicate vine in a shrub helps protect it from strong winds and helps shade it during parts of the day.

Richard Hartlage

Richard Hartlage is the founding principal and CEO of Land Morphology. His award-winning, innovative designs are renowned as emotive, immersive spaces that incorporate sophisticated horticulture, artful detailing, and historical knowledge that heighten the human experience of the natural world. His passion for horticulture, cultivated over fifteen years working public gardens and estates, is applied to each design from the conceptual phase through development of maintenance protocol and beyond.