Another Perfect Plant: Hawkshead Fuchsia

Hawkshead Fuchsia is a beautiful white flowering shrub form of Fuchsia. In the Pacific Northwest, it is deciduous and is treated like a perennial. The flowers are pendent bell-shaped with a tubular calyx, four spreading sepals and four petals. The broad sepals are tinged with green. The foliage is deep green. This hardy bush form can reach a height of 3-4 feet and is evergreen in non-frost areas, but here in Seattle, this plant will die back and will have to be cut back in the spring. It is recommended that the base and trunk be well mulched in the fall to insulate the roots from the cold. Fuchsias love sun but prefers some shade in really hot areas.

In the spring you can pinch the plant back some of the new growth to achieve a bushier plant. Here in the Northwest, Fuchsias generally start blooming in July through October. They grow best in moist to average soils with a pH of 6.5-7.5 and like monthly fertilization during the growing season, which will promote lots of flowers and a healthy plant. Besides getting beautiful delicate white flowers all season, you will also reap the benefits of attracting hummingbirds. Hawkshead can fit many garden styles suited for cottage, informal, courtyards, or woodland settings. Beautifully massed, used as an accent or planted in a container you cannot go wrong with this continuous flowering fine textured plant in your garden

Richard HartlageComment