Another Perfect Plant: Apricot Sprite Agastache

Originally bred by the venerable English seed company, Thompson & Morgan, Apricot Sprite Agastache is a dwarf hybrid between Agastache coccinea and Agastache aurantiaca. Growing up to 24" high, this Agastache will mix well with other perennials and shrubs and will bloom profusely throughout the end of the summer and into the fall.

Popular among hummingbirds and butterflies, they are less popular among rabbits and deer. Grow Apricot Sprite (and other Agastache) in full sun and in free draining soils. They can survive in hot sites with poor soil as long as the soil drains well, so they are perfect for sunny banks and meadow gardens.

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Thompson & Morgan

Photo Credit:
Premiere Landscape Inc.

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