Another Perfect Plant: Chinese Lady Slipper Orchid

Not for the inexperienced gardener, Cypripedium tibeticum is a gorgeous, if finicky, orchid. Native to the mountain regions of China, Tibet, and perhaps India, it is fairly widespread, but affected by orchid hunters, habitat loss through deforestation, and hikers, who trample over their delicate roots. Live species collection is a growing concern, but this orchid (and others) can be propagated synthetically in agar, lessening the need for wild collection and potential species depletion in the wild.

Try this plant in locations with basic soil that has good drainage, some shade, not too much sun, a little bit of tree cover, and protection from too much rain or snow. If it is happy in its location, it will reward you with gorgeous purple or maroon blossoms.

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Photo Credit:
Eugene Tarasov

Paul Cady

Paul is a landscape designer with a professional background in public horticulture. His years of experience maintaining both public and private gardens provide an informed perspective on choosing, arranging, and placing plants in the landscape. He is committed to creating landscapes that will survive and thrive over time through making informed plant choices and developing written landscape management plans.